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Command Sergeant Major of the Estonian Defence Forces sergeant major Enn Adoson

As of March 21, 2019 the Command Sergeant Major of the Estonian Defence Forces is Sergeant Major Enn Adoson.

CSM Adoson was born on 20 May 1975 in Tallinn, Estonia. He joined the Estonian Defense Forces in 1994 as a conscript and has thirty years of experience as an infantryman. He served in every enlisted leadership position during his career, from squad leader to CSM Estonian Defence Forces.

After compulsory military service, CSM Adoson joined the Põhja Single Infantry Company and served as a squad leader and platoon sergeant until 1998. In 1998 he served as a platoon sergeant and instructor at NCO School. In 1999 he joined the Baltic Battalion, serving until 2002 as A-Coy First sergeant. From 2002 until 2006, he served as staff assistant S-4 in the Scouts Battalion. From 2006 until 2008, he served as CSM in the Scouts Battalion. After that, he was assigned as a CSM in the 1st Infantry Brigade and served in this position until 2012. Then a new challenge arose, and he served as a staff assistant at J7 HQ JFC Brunssum in the Netherlands until 2016. From 2016 until 2019, CMS Adoson served as OPS SGM in Estonian Defence Forces HQ. In 2019 he was promoted to his current position as CSM of the Estonian Defence Forces.

CSM Adoson’s deployments include the KFOR mission in Kosovo as squad leader, the SFOR mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina as staff NCO, Operation Iraqi Freedom as a platoon sergeant and International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan as senior NCO for the Estonian Contingent.

CSM Adoson’s awards and decorations include the Order of the Golden Gross of the Eagle with swords, Estonian Defence Forces Distinguished Service Decoration with Swords, Estonian Defence Forces Distinguished Service Cross, Estonian Defence Forces Long Service Medal, The International Military Operations Participant Medal, Bronze Star medal, Non-Article V NATO Medal (ISAF), NATO Medal (KFOR), NATO Medal (SFOR),

During his military career, he attended various courses, including the Basic NCO Course, Senior NCO Course, SGM Course, United States Army Sergeant Major Course Class 59, Executive Defence Course and Senior Leaders Course.

He graduated from Tallinn Technical School, where he studied Architecture.

CSM Adoson is married to Mrs Eva Adoson, and they have two sons, Andreas and Aleksander. His recreational interest includes fishing, cross-country skiing and mountain biking.

Biography of CSM Enn Adoson | 128 KB | pdf


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