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Joint Headquarters

Joint Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces is the working body of the Commander of the Defence Forces. The General Staff is a joint staff engaged with operational leadership, training and development of the Defence Forces. Operational leadership is implemented by the Operational Staff, which plans and controls operations and ensures defence readiness and mobilisation.

  • Is the highest staff of the military defence of the state of Estonia, its operation is based on the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, decisions of the Parliament and the Government and the Statutes of the Government of the Republic of Estonia.
  • Retains the readiness of the Defence Forces at a level necessary for the attainment of the national defence goals.
  • Gathers information necessary for the defence of the state and makes plans and preparations for military national defence.
  • Monitors and analyses the fulfilment of tasks of the troops, staffs and institutions subordinated to it and, if necessary, provides respective assistance.
  • Participates in the leadership of the Defence Forces in wartime and peacetime in order to ensure internal and external security of the state.
  • Organises the staffing of the Defence Forces, the active service and all aspects of training.
  • Co-operates with the Ministries of the Republic of Estonia, state agencies and local authorities in the areas concerning the national defence tasks put on these institutions.

Leadership of the Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces

As of 19 June 2021 the Joint Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces is headed by Major General Enno Mõts. The Chief of Staff of the Joint Headquarters commands the Joint Headquarters’ staff and the units subordinated to it.

Last updated: 14. April 2023, 15:00

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