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International co-operation

Estonia conducts military co-operation with numerous states and at various levels.

Bilateral co-operation

Estonia has concluded protocols or agreements of bilateral co-operation with the following states:
USA, Germany, Slovenia, Norway, United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Ukraine, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, France, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Georgia and Slovakia.

Bilateral co-operation is vital for strengthening general stability and security, it also helps to develop civil-military relationships.

Trilateral co-operation

Estonia has concluded an agreement of trilateral co-operation with Latvia and Lithuania. Military co-operation between the Baltic states is important for ensuring regional security. The co-operation is mainly concentrated on the Baltic defence co-operation projects.

Aims of Baltic military co-operation

Baltic co-operation projects

  • BALTNET– the Baltic Air Surveillance Network
  • BALTDEFCOL – the Baltic Defence College

Multilateral co-operation

  • BALTSEA – co-ordinates the provision of defence-related support to the Baltic states.
  • Multilateral co-operation encompasses exercises and trainings in the framework of the programme Partnership for Peace (PfP).
  • NORBALTPERS – a personnel policy programme initiated by Norway to offer Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania assistance in personnel policy in the defence forces.

Last updated: 16. November 2022, 15:30

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