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EUTM (European Union Training Mission) is a European Union mission in Mali. The purpose of the mission is strengthen the capabilities of the Malian Armed Forces, with the ultimate result being self-sustaining armed forces capable of contributing to the defence of their population and territory. Current unstable security situation in Mali is a threat to North Africa as well as Europe. It also impedes EU’s fight against human and drug trafficking.

In order to reach the goals of the mission, European Union contributes to the improvement of the capabilities of the Malian Armed Forces, supports the restoration of state control and the rule of law throughout Mali. One of EUTM’s strategic objectives is to support G5 Sahel, through the consolidation and improvement of the operational capabilities of its Joint Force, strengthening regional cooperation to address common security threats, especially terrorism and illegal trafficking.

Estonian contribution

  • 2 staff officers
  • training team

By taking part of the EUTM Mali, Estonia contributes to the effectuation of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy and to long-term stabilization of the area.

Estonian Defence Forces have been serving with the European Union training mission in Mali as of March, 2013.

Official website of the mission

Last updated: 23. July 2021, 09:39

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