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Here are some possible task types that you may encounter in the test. We advise you to do the listening and reading tasks. You can check your answers as the key is provided. For multiple choice questions and matching tasks, there is only one correct answer. In the short answer and sentence completion tasks, the best answers are provided in the key, but differently worded answers are also considered correct if the meaning is the same. The sample tasks here do not comprise a full test, which is a combination of different task types.
NB: Use Mozilla Firefox to open the listening files.

Sample listening tasks

1.  Short answer

Task 1A: read  listen

Task 1B: read  listen

2.  Sentence completion
Task 2A: read  listen
3.  Multiple choice
Task 3B: read  listen 
4.  Matching (headings/sentences to the listening text)
Task 4A: read  listen

Sample reading tasks

1.  Short answer

Task 1B

2.  Sentence completion

3.  Multiple choice

Task 3A

Task 3B

4.  Matching (headings/sentences to the reading text)  

5.  Matching sentences/paragraphs to the text 

Task 5B

Task 5C

Sample writing tasks 

Task 1

Describe your neighbour.
You should write about 100 words.  
Your description will be assessed on the richness of your vocabulary and the correctness of your grammar and spelling.
Eksamil 2. taseme saavutanud kirjeldus.

Task 2

You are a member of an international working group. At the last meeting you were given a task but you have run into difficulties while trying to do it. Write to the leader of the working group, explain the situation and ask him at least three questions.
You should write about 200 words.
Your letter will be assessed on its content, organisation and language.
Eksamil 2. taseme saavutanud kiri.

Task 3

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

Write an essay discussing this quote. Explain your views and justify them by giving relevant examples. Your essay should include an introduction, the discussion of main points with examples, and an appropriate conclusion.

You should write about 350 words.

Your essay will be assessed on its content, organisation and language. A level 3 essay is characterised by an extended well-supported examination of a number of aspects of the topic.

Eksamil 3. taseme saavutanud essee.

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