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Combat Service Support Battalion

Lisaõppekogunemine Okas, 61. tagalapataljon, 15.-19.10.2019

The main task of the Combat Service Support Battalion is to prepare wartime troops from the ranks of conscripts to ensure the combat ability of the 1st Infantry Brigade. In peacetime it provides year-round support to the 1st Infantry Brigade Headquarters, its seven battalions and three single companies. If necessary, the civilian sector is aided with technology, equipment and training.
Tasks of the Combat Service Support Battalion:

  • management, planning and development in their area of responsibility;
  • organising the training of the personnel of its subordinate units;
  • preparing reserve units through the training of conscripts;
  • daily supply and servicing of the units in all areas of rear support services;
  • supplying international military operations in cooperation with the Support Command of the Defence Forces;
  • ensuring medical servicing of the 1st Infantry Brigade.
Lieutenant Colonel Vladislav Belov
Commander of the Combat Service Support Battalion
[email protected]
+372 717 8400

Last updated: 3. August 2022, 15:52

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