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Naval Flotilla

The Naval Flotilla is a Estonian Defence Force unit under the Commander of the Estonian Navy. The Naval Flotilla is managed by the Naval Flotilla Commander. The operational organisation of the Naval Flotilla Commander is the Operational Headquarters Staff of the Navy, which is managed by the Commander of the Operational Staff.

The tasks of the Naval Flotilla are:

  • planning and analysis of Navy operations;
  • organising the operations and training of divers in the Estonian Defence Forces;
  • planning ang organising the military communication in the Navy;
  • organising the training of the Navy;
  • evaluating the training level and combat readiness on Navy units;
  • organising the development of the main capacities of the Navy.

Organisation of the Naval Flotilla:

  • Operational Staff
  • Warships
  • Naval Training Establishment
  • Divers Squad

The Naval Flotilla is comprised of mine countermeasure ships and a support craft for mine countermeasure operations. Estonia has three Sandown-class minehunters (ENS Admiral Cowan, ENS Sakala and ENS Ugandi) equipped with modern mine countermeasure systems and one Lindormen-class support vessel ENS Wambola.

Captain  Johan-Elias Seljamaa
Commander of the Naval Flotilla
[email protected]
+372 717 7200

Mereväelase baaskursuse lõpuharjutus, 10-11.04.2018

The task of the Naval Training Establishment is to prepare professional personnel for the Navy and to provide defence training and patriotic education.

The school provides basic naval training and maritime communications training to the members of the Navy and conducts in-service training and retraining. The Naval Training Establishment is also engaged in research and development work, coordinates academic work in the Navy and provides naval counselling and training in the Defence Forces. The school compiles curricula and manuals and produces teaching aids.

One important task of the school is creating the conditions necessary to conduct maritime communications training for the navies of the Baltic States.

Lieutenant Commander Ermo Jeedas
Commander of the Naval Training Establishment
[email protected]
+372 717 7280

Miinituukrid lõhkasid Naissaare lähistel 8 lõhkekeha, 30.08.2019

The Divers Squad operating under the Naval Flotilla is comprised of divers whose main task is to find, identify and dispose of mines and other underwater explosive ordnances. Naval Divers are mainly used for diving to explosive ordnances with known coordinates and disposing of them. It is also possible to designate search areas to be checked and cleaned of explosive ordnances.

Lieutenant Senior Grade Priit Kaasikmäe
Commander of the Divers Squad

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