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Snap exercise QUILL 2022

Based on the September 22, 2022 decision by the Government of the Republic of Estonia, Estonian Defence Forces are conducting a snap exercise (SNAPEX) QUILL 2022 (OKAS 2022) from September 22 to September 28, 2022 in order to test combat readiness of its reserve units.

SNAPEX Okas 2022 is a non-offensive military exercise scheduled for 2022. For SNAPEX QUILL 2022, reserve units from the 11th Infantry Battalion, 16th Air Defence Battalion and Defence League 42nd Northeast Territorial Defence Unit are called to service.

Similar defence readiness exercises have been routinely organized since 2016. Last readiness exercise was organized in 2021.

Media contact

Media contact for exercise QUILL 2022

Last updated: 26. September 2022, 09:45

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