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Belgian troops joined the NATO enhanced forward presence battle group at Tapa

The Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, the second in command of the Estonian Defence Forces Major General Indrek Sirel and also representatives of the participating nations and defence forces participated in the ceremony. 

“The Danish volunteers fought alongside us during the War of Independence and your service in the enhanced forward presence battle group is another significant contribution to the security of Estonia and whole Europe as well,” said the prime minister while thanking the Danish soldiers for their contribution.

“I believe that the experienced Chasseur Ardennais are not daunted by the Estonian winter nor the Estonian forests. I hope that you find the time to experience the Estonian hospitality while being off duty,” added the prime minister while greeting the Belgian contingent of whom many soldiers are from the Chasseur Ardennais battalion.

The Belgian contingent has nearly 300 troops in it and the core from the Chasseur Ardennais battalion. The Belgians brought nearly 100 vehicles with them, including armoured personnel carriers Piranha. The newly arrived infantry unit is reinforced with mortars, combat engineers, logistical support element and military police as well. 

Major David Paitier, the Belgian senior national representative said that his troops are glad the join the battle group and that they are thankful for the help and support the Belgian troops got while deploying to Estonia.

The Estonian and Belgian defence forces have a long standing cooperation ranging from naval cooperation to air-defence. Also the Belgian have contributed to the Baltic Air Policing mission with multiple deployments.

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