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Estonian Division

The Estonian Division is the largest land force unit of the Estonian Defence Forces, which operates under the direct authority of the Chief of Defence. Estonian Division is a wartime unit and a permanently operating structural unit, with a main task to plan and execute military operations in its area of responsibility combining its own units and Allied armed forces units given under its command.

Division’s operational area covers the entire territory of Estonia. Estonian Division is transferred to the NATO chain of command and subordinated to Multinational Corps Northeast. Estonian Division fulfills two main purposes in the military defence of Estonia: it unites the battles of the territorial defence forces, brigades and units from other commands and acts as a link between the Allies and their military capabilities.

Estonian Division includes units from Estonia and Allied countries. Estonian units in Division are 1st Infantry Brigade, 2nd Infantry Brigade, Logistics Battalion, Headquarters and Signal Battalion, and an Artillery Battalion. Division is capable of integrating additional units under the Division’s commander control.



Major General Veiko-Vello Palm

Commander of the Estonian Division

Last updated: 30. March 2023, 13:12

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