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  • Honourable President of the Republic of Estonia, President of the Riigikogu, Prime Minister, General Burkhard, Excellencies! Dear Estonian people and friends of Estonia!

  • On November 30, 2023 Commanders of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Land Forces components and Commanders and representatives of the three NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroups Framework Nations, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada met in Tallinn.

  • The reserve units of Territorial Defence Region North formed in Tapa on Saturday began field training yesterday, where soldiers underwent weapons and medical training and weapons life fire excercises.

  • This week the exercise "Ussisõnad" (Parseltongue) got underway in Estonia, during which nearly 10,000 reservists from the territorial defence units will refresh their individual basic military knowledge and skills. Additionally, maneuvers will be conducted at the platoon and company levels to practice engaging the adversary, setting up ambushes, and erecting barriers.

  • On Wednesday, a United States Air Force B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers made an overflight of Estonia as a part of exercise. The aircraft were accompanied by several British, French and Romanian jets.

  • Estonian Defense Forces unit Estcoy-18, on deployment in Iraq, have joined the Walking Blood Bank, a medical program of the United States Armed Forces that has saved many lives over decades. Estonia became the first allied nation to join, registering their soldiers in Erbil Air Base who would immediately come to donate blood when called upon.

  • This year's largest naval exercise in the Baltic Sea, Baltops 23, will begin on Saturday in Tallinn. More than 30 NATO warships and nearly 3,700 sailors will arrive in the capital in the coming days for the exercise.

  • The Spring Storm 23 exercise, which took place from May 15th to 26th, has come to an end. Nearly 14,000 participants, including conscripts, reservists, active-duty soldiers, Defence League members, and allied forces from eleven countries, took part in the exercise.

  • The active phase of the Spring Storm exercise concluded today with defensive battles in fortified positions, where the task of Company C of the Kalev Infantry Battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade was to repel attacks by mechanized enemy units with the support of engineers and anti-aircraft artillery.

  • On the night of Friday, a British Royal Marine amphibious raid took place on Kaberneeme Beach as part of Exercise Spring Storm 23. The objective of the amphibious raid was to practice eliminating high-value targets and the withdrawal of the marines back to the sea.

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