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Naval Base

The Naval Base is a training and administrative unit of the Navy created on 29 April 1997. The main tasks of the unit are to plan and organise the training and to provide on-shore logistical support. The Naval Base is located in the Mine Harbour of Tallinn.

The tasks of the unit include, among others, ensuring the safekeeping of floating crafts in the harbour, servicing the sub-units of the Navy and providing them the supplies necessary for their operations. The Naval Base also comprises the following structural units: the technical department, the services department, the medical centre and the administrative department.

The Naval Base also organises the support on the side of the host country in the regular international mine countermeasures operations in Estonian waters. In this, the task of the Naval Base is to organise the docking of the ships in various ports, supplying them with fuel and water and all other types of logistical assistance. In such operations and exercises an on-shore support unit is also set up in one of the Estonian small-craft harbours, practising the organisation of on-shore support in wartime conditions.

Lieutenant Commander Meelis Lusti
Commander of the Naval Base
[email protected]
+372 717 7100

Last updated: 2. August 2021, 14:45

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