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Reserve Force

The Estonian Defence Forces are structured according to the principle of a reserve force which means that the main part of the defence forces of the state are units in the reserve.

For a state with few human and economic resources, a reserve force based on the will of defence of the citizens is the only possible form of national defence. In peacetime the reservists conduct normal lives and the state only takes care of their training and procurement of equipment and weapons. In wartime the reservists are mobilised into military units.

The reserve units are formed on the territorial principle, i.e. conscripts from one area are called up at one time to one unit and after service they are sent to the reserve as one unit.

During their 8-month training the conscripts acquire a basic military education and start with trainings of co-operation in smaller units (squad, platoon, company).

After the conscript service reservists are called up for trainings for reserve in every five years. The trainings for reserve under staff command involve reinforcement of skills already acquired and practice of action of reserve companies and battalions in situations resembling those of real battle.

Last updated: 3. May 2023, 14:41

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