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Cyber Command

The main mission of the Cyber Command is to carry out operations in cyberspace in order to provide command support for Ministry of Defence’s area of responsibility.

Mission essential Tasks

  • Provide information and communication technology infrastructure and services
  • Provide cyber defence
  • Plan and execute cyber operations
  • Gain, maintain and share cyberspace situation awareness
  • Plan and execute information operations
  • Provide Headquarters support for Joint Headquarters
  • Plan and execute strategic communicatons
  • Train, prepare and mobilize wartime and reserve units
  • Conduct functional area Training, Research and Development


Press and Media contact

Major Kristel Maasikmets

Public Affairs Officer of Cyber Command


Colonel René Innos

Commander of Cyber Command

Sergeant Major Indrek Tomingas

Command Sergeant Major of Cyber Command

Lieutenant Colonel Erkki Õlijas

Chief of Staff of Cyber Command

Last updated: 13. March 2024, 15:59

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