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Cyber Command

The main mission of the Cyber Command is to carry out operations in cyberspace in order to provide command support for Ministry of Defence’s area of responsibility.

Mission essential Tasks

  • Provide information and communication technology infrastructure and services.
  • Provide cyber defence.
  • Plan and execute cyber operations.
  • Gain, maintain and share cyberspace situation awareness.
  • Plan and execute information operations.
  • Provide Headquarters support for Joint Headquarters.
  • Plan and execute strategic communicatons.
  • Train, prepare and mobilize wartime and reserve units.
  • Conduct functional area Training, Research and Development.

Cyber Command structure





Lieutenant Colonel René Innos

Commander of Cyber Command

Sergeant Major Meelis Piirsalu

Sergeant Major of Cyber Command

Lieutenant Colonel Erkki Õlijas

Chief of Staff of Cyber Command

Captain Kristel Maasikmets

Public Affairs Officer of Cyber Command


Staabi- ja sidepataljon

Headquarters and Signal Battalion was founded on 21 November 1918 and re-established on 29 October 1993.

The task of the Command and the Signal Battalion is to ensure communication between the different units of the Estonian Defence Forces and to train reserve signal officers. The battalion must also ensure the strategic signalling and information technology support for the Defence Forces and realise development projects in the area of defence, information technology and electronic warfare.

Lieutenant Colonel Taavi Otsalainen
Commander of the Headquarters and Signal Battalion
[email protected]
+372 717 2199

Küberõppus Locked Shields, 11.04.19

ICT Centre tasks

  • Preparation of reserve units through conscript training and conducting mobilization.
  • Development of general principles of the information and communication technology architecture of the Defence Forces (including the life-cycle of services), preparation of documents regulating the organization of work in the domain and compliance check.
  • Management, planning, assurance and coordination of core, functional and communication services life cycle.
  • Planning, coordinating and organizing development projects of the Defence Forces information and communication technology, introducing new systems and user support.
  • Ensuring the continuity of the ICT services and ensuring the primary service level according to service agreements.
  • Management of frequency administration, IP addresses and telephone numbers of the Ministry of Defence’s area of resposibility.
  • ICT incidents and service requests handling in the Defence Forces.
  • Organization and coordination of the cryptographic management in the Defence Forces and the National Defence League.
  • Organization of domain names and certificate management, development of documentation and regulations in the Defence Forces.


Cyber Command ICT Centre subunits:

  • Planning Group
  • Service Group
  • Defence Forces main cryptographic register
  • Network Monitoring and Helpdesk Group
  • Frequency Management Section
Major Teet Laeks
Commander of ICT Centre

Locked Shields

Cyber and INFOOPS Centre tasks

  • Preparation of reserve units through conscript training and conducting mobilization.
  • Protection of ICT systems and data processed by the Defence Forces against threats and attacks from cyberspace.
  • Planning and organization of cyber operations.
  • Planning and organiziation of information operations.


Cyber Command Cyber and INFOOPS Centre subunits:

  • Cyber and Informations Operations Command Centre
  • Planning Team
  • Computer Incident Response Capability (CIRC)
  • Cyber Operations Group
  • Cyber Range
Major Andres Soikka
Commander of Cyber and INFOOPS Centre

Mereväelase kursuse lõpuharjutused, 9.-11.09.2019

STRATCOM Centre tasks

  • Preparation of reserve units through conscript training and conducting mobilization.
  • Support of media operations with video and photo materials and their transmission to the media or publication in the Defence Forces communication channels.
  • Production of video and photographic materials, printed work and information graphics for media communication channels.
  • Support of direct communication projects organized for media communication channels.
  • Providing sound equipment for media information events, ceremonies, etc.
  • Provision for wartime conscript-based media information units, preparation and further training for reserve units.
  • Management of audio, photo and video archives of the Defence Forces communication field.


Cyber Command STRATCOM Centre subunits:

  • Audio, video and photo Group
  • Publication Group
  • Digital Media Group
Lieutenant Colonel Georgi Kokošinski
Commander of STRATCOM Centre

Kevadtorm 2016, Logistikapataljon rajas Kambjasse jaotuspunkti, 04.05.2016

HQ and Support Company tasks

  • Preparation of reserve units through conscript training and conducting mobilization.
  • Provision of the Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces and Cyber Command, storage, maintenace and repair of assets, provision of transport.
  • Provision of health care services to members of the Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces and Cyber Command.


Cyber Command HQ and Support Company subunits:

  • Warehouse Group
  • Transport Group
  • Repair and Maintenance Group
  • Superintendent Service
  • Medicine Centre
Master Sergeant Aivar Aas
HQ and Support Company Sergeant Major

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