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Air Force

The Estonian Air Force is a fully professional service of the Estonian Defence Forces. Since it’s re-establishment in 1994 the Estonian Air Force has been built up from scratch by a generation of young and talented airmen who embrace constant change and advances in technology.

The eagerness and energy of the relatively young officer and NCO corps has made it possible that the Estonian Air Force operates 24/7/365 and is equipped with state-of-the-art modern systems.

The Estonian Air Force is designed to cooperate with NATO and its Allies and therefore is looking optimistically towards the future of elevated operational tempo across the board of its activities. Estonia is the smallest nation in NATO to have Air Force as an independent service branch. Limited manpower and resources have forced us to be highly efficient and shaped our focus which is set on cooperation with Allies and Partners. With insufficient resources to develop indigenous combat air power, the geographical position of Estonia dictates that our nation must be able to maintain control of its airspace to preserve our security interests.

The Estonian Air Force is the enabler that makes Allied air operations over Estonia possible. We operate our national Air C2 network which together with its sophisticated sensors is an organic part of the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System. Our Forward Air Controller program is combat-proven in Afghanistan and ready to work with our Allies in defence of our common values. The Ämari Air Base is the home of the NATO Baltic Enhanced Air Policing Mission since May 2014.

Today, I can announce that this initiative will include additional air force units and aircrafts for training exercises here in the Nordic-Baltic region. And we agree with our Estonian allies that an ideal location to host and support these exercises would be the Ämari Air Base here in Estonia.

—President Barack Obama during his historical visit to Tallinn on September 3rd 2014

Since then the Ämari Air Base has seen several squadron-level training deployments by the USAF and other Air Forces. With our flexible airspace, air-to-ground range, low-level flying area system, and other attractive training opportunities, the Ämari AB is open to host Allied and Partner nations’ flying units.


Brigadier General Toomas Susi

Commander of the Air Force

Sergeant Siim Verner Teder

Public Affairs Officer of the Air Force

Last updated: 4. April 2024, 08:38

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