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Chief of Defense presented Latvian Joint Staff senior officer with Estonian Defense Distinguished Service Medal

Chief of Defense major general Martin Herem commemorated lieutenant colonel Māris Tūtins in Estonian Defense Forces headquarters for vital role and effort put into strategic communication field in Baltic Defense College courses and for cooperation with Estonian Defense Forces.

LtCol Tūtins was an important partner to Estonian strategic communication field for years, contributing to joint excercises and leading different projects of NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence. He developed the strategic communication modules of Baltic Defense College courses and has continued his support to the college afterwards. Since December 2019 LtCol Tūtins has been assigned to Latvian Joint Staff, where he is the main partner for Estonian Defense Forces headquarters in wartime operational planning.

Estonian Defense Distinguished Service Medal is the highest Defense Forces award. The award has two classes – type of merit for defense, given for services contributing to strengthening national defense and type of battle merit, for actions in battle.

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