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Estonian and US soldiers trained offensive and defensive operations during a joint live-fire exercise

The conscripts of the 2nd Infantry Brigade of the Estonian Division and the allied units from United States Army took part in joint live fire exercise organized and lead by third year cadets of the Estonian Military Academy at the Nursipalu training ground.

“The exercise was multi-layered, where in addition to forming the firefight of the platoons, you also had to coordinate with the indirect fire unit. During the exercise, the infantry platoons of the D-infantry company of the 2nd Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion and also the Combat Engineer platoon attacked the trench line and defended the line later in order to repel the enemy’s counterattack. Despite difficult weather conditions, the units performed their tasks well both day- and night time,” said major Karl-Erik Kirschbaum, general coordinator of the exercise.

The joint exercise was finalizing the platoon-course of the 2nd Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion. The exercise focus was on the cooperation of the platoon and platoon leadership. Mortar teams reached the next level of training by performing fire missions of varying complexity. Exercise operations were supported by both Estonian Defence Forces and United States Army mortar units. Live fire exercise included drones and anti-drone drills.

“It was a great challenge to be able to work with United States Army mortar unit, who were supporting our units with indirect fire. The fire control team of the allies offered valuable experience to the Kuperjanov Batallion fire controllers by creating parallels with their own procedures,” added Major Kirschbaum.

According to First Lieutenant Parth J. Doshi, Mortar Platoon Commander of the US 1-187th Infantry Regiment`s 1st Batallion, in the planning and preparation for this training, they have worked closely with Estonian allies to synchronize their tactics, communication platforms, and safety protocols.

„In addition to mortars we have integrated our observers into Estonian platoons in order to create a common understanding of ordering fire support procedures. This exercise demonstrates our creativity and ability to work within established guidelines ultimately strengthening our ability to fight alongside NATO partners. As a result of this training, we strive to develop an increased understanding of Estonian maneuver tactics and hope they understand how we can integrate into their missions,” said First Lieutenant Doshi.

Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion is a subunit of Estonian Division 2nd Infantry Brigade being one of the largest EDF training structures. Infantry, mortar and support officers, NCOs and soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Battalion are trained in the battalion. Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion is located in Camp Taara in Võru. Camp Taara hosts 2nd Brigades Support and Signal Company, Combat Service Support Battalion and an Infantry Battalion of the Allies.


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