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Estonian Defence Forces training team heads to Iraq

Thursday, a six-member training team of Estonian Defence Forces headed to Iraq to train soldiers of the Iraqi security forces over the next half year.

“We mainly focus on training infantry tactics and arms training in Iraq,” the commander of the training team, Captain Rainer Samarokov said. According to Samarokov, the Estonians are teaching the soldiers of the Iraqi security forces how to operate on a squad, platoon and company level. “We have defined the training objectives together with our allies from the United States and Denmark, with whom our co-operation will be the closest in the coalition.”

The Estonian training team will be located in Anbar Province of Iraq and operate as part of the Danish training contingent.

Operation Inherent Resolve aims to defeat Daesh and increase regional stability. The Riigikogu decided Estonia’s participation in the operation on 15 June 2016, giving a mandate to send up to 10 servicemen to Iraq. Currently Estonian training team of six and one staff officer serve in Iraq as part of operation Inherent Resolve.

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