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Estonian Defence Forces Annual Report 2020

Another edition of the Estonian Defence Forces Annual Report was published in Tallinn, Estonia, Apr. 13.

Many articles in the report focus on fighting “the invisible enemy”. Situations that at first seemed overwhelming met solutions and the Estonian Defence Forces was able to focus on its main effort – preparing to defend Estonia with our Allies.

“The short glances in the annual report focus on the development of our military that continued in spite of the virus,” says Lt. Gen. Martin Herem, Commander of the EDF, in the foreword.

The Military Intelligence Centre gives an overview about Russia’s security policy and military developments. In its relations with Western countries, the Russia’s regime has a perception that the international situation will continue to move towards a state of chaos and that this will further be accelerated after the pandemic.

In 2020, Estonia improved cooperation with Allies. Equally important were military exercises and procurements of new weapon systems. Many service members of the EDF and the voluntary military organization Estonian Defence League helped other national authorities in their tasks.

“In the annual report, you will find interesting information not only for bystanders but also for those inside the military,” says Herem. “This will most certainly give to the reader a sense of what the Estonian Defence Forces is and what it does.”

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