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Active phase of Spring Storm exercise concludes with defensive battles in trenches

The active phase of the Spring Storm exercise concluded today with defensive battles in fortified positions, where the task of Company C of the Kalev Infantry Battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade was to repel attacks by mechanized enemy units with the support of engineers and anti-aircraft artillery.

“As the latest information about the war in Ukraine shows, we cannot get by without trenches. Trenches provide us with protection and offer shelter to soldiers,” said Staff Sergeant Ken-Timo Rannaste, a reservist in C-Coy of the Kalev Infantry Battalion.

According to the scenario of the exercise, soldiers of the Kalev Infantry Battalion were deployed in prepared defensive positions at the Central Training Area to repel the enemy, who utilized all advantages of mechanized units.

“The exercise has definitely been interesting and has provided us with various situations that we had to solve. Hopefully, the soldiers enjoyed the exercise,” said Major Argo Sibul, Commander of the Kalev Infantry Battalion, noting that approximately half of his unit were reservists.

According to Major Sibul, reservists have not forgotten their warfare skills. “We will finish our exercise with live-fire exercises in the coming days, where they can actually demonstrate the same skills we taught them years ago,” said Major Sibul.

“I came here gladly, saw old friends with whom I had previously worked and among the reservists, there are also people who were trained here in previous years. It’s equally nice to see them here again,” said Staff Sergeant Rannaste.

Spring Storm is the largest annual military exercise of the Defence Forces, during which military operations planning and implementation are practiced, and cooperation between Estonian and allied units is enhanced. The exercise involves active-duty personnel, conscripts, reservists, Defence League members, and soldiers from allied countries. For the first time, the exercise is led by the division established last year.


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