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Estonian reservists honed their skills in Latvia

Estonian Defence Force reservists and active-duty personnel participated in the nearly week-long Crystal Arrow 24 exercise in Latvia. The Estonian contingent was composed of reservists from the Cyber Command’s Strategic Communication Centre. This marks a unique occasion where an Estonian reserve unit trains abroad with full personnel.

Crystal Arrow is an annual exercise aimed at evaluating the combat capability of the Canadian-led NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group stationed in Latvia and integrating it with the Latvian armed forces. The exercise’s overall director, Colonel Oskars Kudlis, commander of the Latvian Mechanized Infantry Brigade, stated that “It was first time we integrated Estonian brigade public affairs detachment in our exercise. It was a very good experience, and we are looking forward for cooperation in the future.”

On the largest training ground in the Baltic States, the Adazi training area, Estonian Defence Forces personnel practiced producing video and photo material, direct information dissemination, message composition and media material editing while attached to allied battle groups in combat situations. They collaborated with allies from Italy, Spain, and other member states of the battle group. Additionally, skills were honed alongside Latvian units. Colonel Lieutenant Jonathan Cox, commander of the allied battle group stationed in Latvia, stated that “The Estonian brigade public affairs detachment brought a capability to the battle group that we would not otherwise have had. I am extremely happy with what they have contributed to our team on this exercise, and look forward to working with them in the future”.

The Cyber Command’s Strategic Communication Centre trains information warfare specialists, supports the Estonian Defence Forces communication with video and photo materials, and provides various technical solutions for Estonian Defence Force events.


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