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Exercise Parseltongue (Ussisõnad) continues with unit training

The reserve units of Territorial Defence Region North formed in Tapa on Saturday began field training yesterday, where soldiers underwent weapons and medical training and weapons life fire excercises.

“First impressions are good. The equipment distribution this time was much faster than on the two previous occasions when I was called to reservist training. The equipment has been significantly upgraded again, which always brings joy,” said Corporal Kenet Kroon, who served in the Kuperjanov Battalion from 2012 to 2013.

Kroon is one of many reservists who were formed into Territorial Defence Region North units last Saturday. Units’ leaders had already gathered on August 30 and completed their refreshment training before the arrival of the ranks.

According to Corporal Kroon, the first two days have been very intense. Already on the first evening, they started with basic training on the AK-4 automatic rifle, tactics, and safety. Yesterday, the units moved from the Tapa barracks to the field, where they continued in the shooting range and with medical training.

“Considering that there are many men here who haven’t been to a reservist training in a long time or who served in the early 2000s or even earlier, refreshment training is very important. Just the equipment alone has been upgraded so much during that time that preparing it for combat readiness in the best possible way takes time and practice,” said Corporal Kroon.

Regarding the readiness of the reserve forces, Corporal’s impressions are positive. “It’s good to see that the men have come from the reserve, practiced for only a few days, and the unit is already able to cooperate. Considering the short time we’ve been together, things are going smoothly. It’s great that we don’t have to start from scratch but can quickly move on to the next exercise,” said Corporal Kroon. “Estonia is defended, that can certainly be said. In that regard, the situation is good.”

Parseltongue is the largest reservist training in Estonian history focused on training reserve forces, inviting reservists who were assigned to the composition of territorial defence units in 2022. Training activities are taking place in territorial defence districts across Estonia until October 8th.


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