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Exercise Saber Strike brings US, UK and Finnish Air Defence units to Estonia

Exercise Saber Strike Estonian phase will commence on 7th March at Central Training Area and northern coast of Estonia , where US, UK, Finnish and Estonian units exercise Air Defence.

“During Saber Strike, we’re conducting air and missile defense training with our NATO Allies,” said U.S. Army Col. Patrick Thompson, 164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade commander. “This training helps build inoperability among our NATO Allies and partners.”

US 10th AAMD will carry out live fire exercise from new Stryker-based Air Defence system. This is the first time when 10th AAMD uses this system outside its base in Germany.

Helsinki Air Defence Regiment, US, UK and Estonian Air Defence units, Belgian, UK and Polish fighters, Estonian training jets L-39 and transportation aircraft M-28.

„This is the first time for Estonian Air Defence to lead a complex exercise which incorporates middle and short range air defence systems, communication systems of different countries supported by air assets, said LTC Tanel Lelov, commanding officer of EST Air Defence Battalion.“ Saber Strike will test readiness of our Command and control systems as well as skills and knowldege“.

Helsinki Air Defence Regiment will bring to Estonia NASAMS mid range air defence system, US will present new Stryker based air defence systems, Estonian will use Mistral air defence weapons.

Saber Strike is a US-led multinational exercise held since 2010. Saber Strike started on February 28 in wiesbaden with practicing units road march from Wiesbaden, Germany to exercise places in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.  Altogether 13 000 service members from 13 countries will take part of the exercise. This years exercise takes place in winter time that enables to practice in austere conditions. Training activities this year include live fire exercises, raiway operations, aerial resupply, air defence and air assault exercises.

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