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Finnish army units join the military exercise Siil/Hedgehog

A Finnish army infantry company and a group of combat engineers started a cooperation exercise today with the Scouts Battalion in Tapa, and next week the combined unit will take part in the maneuver phase of the exercise Siil/Hedgehog 2022.

The Contingent of the Finnish Army consists of a jaeger company made up of reservists, which uses the armoured vehicles Pasi as well as a group of combat engineers and a close air support controller. The deputy commander of the Scouts Battalion during the exercise is the Commander of the Finnish Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Risto Kohonen.

In total, during the exercise , the size of the Finnish contingent is more than 200 Finnish Defence Forces members.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Eero Aija, commander of the Scouts Battalion, the initial cooperation with the Finnish units has gone very well and a common language has been found. “I’m sure that by the end of the week, the jaegers will be integrated into the scouts,” said Lt. Col. Aija.

The Estonian-Finnish combined unit will conduct cooperation exercises this week, and by the beginning of next week the battalion will be ready to participate in the exercise Siil/Hedgehog in Southern Estonia.

Additional information: 1st Infantry Brigade, Public Affairs Officer captain Ott Aro, 5302 8317

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