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General Breedlove at Ämari Air Force Base: Estonia’s air space is part of NATO air space

Breedlove, in Estonia for North-Eastern Europe Chiefs of Defence meeting, said the current assurance measures were sufficient and the Alliance was prepared to take further steps should the need arise. Breedlove also noted that NATO was working on increasing its presence in the Baltic countries and Poland and the decisions on the permanent presence of Allied forces will be made during the NATO Summit in Wales, September this year.

According to Commander of Estonian Defence Forces, Major General Riho Terras, the North-Eastern Chiefs of Defence share the same understanding on the events in Ukraine.”We have a common understanding of the annexation of the Ukraine territory as well as on the current threats in Europe and the need to bring the defence plans to the line of the new threat assessment,” Terras added.

North-Eastern Europe Chiefs of Defence were in Tallinn to discuss the changed security situation in Europe due to the events in Ukraine, possible threats and actions as well as co-operation between Allies and Partner nations. Issues on the post-Afghanistan security environment were also at the table.

In addition to representatives of nine North-Eastern European countries, Commander, U.S. European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Philip Breedlove also took part.

For the first time North-Eastern Europe Chiefs of Defence met in Tallinn, last year the defence leaders met within the similar format in Helsinki, Finland. Previous meetings have been organized by NATO or the European Union in reference to security co-operation. In addition to the member nations, the Partner nations Finland and Sweden also take part.

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