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The agreement between Estonia and USA defence forces eases mutual support

The ACSA Supplementary Agreement between Estonian Defence Forces and the United States Department of Defence, represented by the Defence Forces Logistics Agency (DLA Energy), entered into force today.

“This is an important agreement for both parties, as it will speed up and make easier, among other things, our support as a host country for American soldiers in Estonia,” said Brigadier General Enno Mõts, Estonian Defence Force Chief of Staff.

It is a supplementary agreement to the Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA) signed in 2008, any reciprocal supply of any fuel, whether in peacetime or in wartime, international military operations, humanitarian missions, joint exercises and other agreements. The agreement is open-ended and is applicable both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world, which includes all the needs of military forces.

The United States, Great Britain, Germany and France are Estonia’s closest allies, which together with the Nordic countries have helped build the Estonian Defence Forces since the early 1990s. Cooperation in the United States includes many different categories such as training, military exercises, procurement, international operations and Baltic cooperation projects.

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