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Õhutõrjepataljon harjutas Rutjal laskmist õhutõrjeraketisüsteemist Mistral, 08.05.2013

Air defence operations mean the deterring and destruction of the opponent’s air assault devices (planes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles). Air Defence functions are fulfilled in the Defence Forces by means of on-ground weapon systems including missiles and guns. An overview of the activity in the airspace is relayed through radars and other equipment. The Air Defence Battalion conducts air defence training for conscripts – from the ranks of which air defence reserve units are formed for the Defence Forces – as well as for reservists, to refresh their specialised skills. Also, specialised basic and supplementary training is provided to active servicemen.


 Major Kristjan Leimann
Commander of the Air Defence Battalion
[email protected]
+372 717 8600
Master Sergeant Keith Tarakanov
Command Sergeant Major of the Air Defence Battalion
First Lieutenant Marina Loštšina
Public Affairs Officer of the 1st Infantry Brigade
[email protected]
+372 5749 3057

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