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Kuperjanov´s Infantry Battalion

Peacetime tasks of the Kuperjanov´s Infantry Battalion are:

  • to train and form the wartime units on the basis of the formation task;
  • based on the training plan, to form wartime subunits from conscripts during the training year: 3 infantry companies, mortar battery, support company, headquarters company. The number of conscripts and the organisation of the sub-units is established with the annual training plan;
  • based on the training plan, to conduct refresher training events with the units comprising the battalion and reservists forming them;
  • to keep and maintain wartime and peacetime technology, arms, ammunition, clothing and other equipment of the battalion and the units to be formed.


Press and Media


Lieutenant colonel Jaan Kessel

Commander of the Kuperjanov´s Infantry Battallion

Master Sergeant Taavi Muru

Command Sergeant Major of the Kuperjanov´s Infantry Battalion

Last updated: 23. August 2023, 09:33

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