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STRATCOM Centre tasks

  • Preparation of reserve units through conscript training and conducting mobilization.
  • Support of media operations with video and photo materials and their transmission to the media or publication in the Defence Forces communication channels.
  • Production of video and photographic materials, printed work and information graphics for media communication channels.
  • Support of direct communication projects organized for media communication channels.
  • Providing sound equipment for media information events, ceremonies, etc.
  • Provision for wartime conscript-based media information units, preparation and further training for reserve units.
  • Management of audio, photo and video archives of the Defence Forces communication field.


Cyber Command STRATCOM Centre subunits:

  • Audio, video and photo Group
  • Publication Group
  • Digital Media Group


Press and Media

Major Kristel Maasikmets

Public Affairs Officer of Cyber Command


Lieutenant Colonel Georgi Kokošinski

Commander of STRATCOM Centre

Master Sergeant Janek Bagirov

First Sergeant of STRATCOM Centre

Last updated: 13. September 2023, 11:02

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