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ICT Centre tasks

  • Preparation of reserve units through conscript training and conducting mobilization.
  • Development of general principles of the information and communication technology architecture of the Defence Forces (including the life-cycle of services), preparation of documents regulating the organization of work in the domain and compliance check.
  • Management, planning, assurance and coordination of core, functional and communication services life cycle.
  • Planning, coordinating and organizing development projects of the Defence Forces information and communication technology, introducing new systems and user support.
  • Ensuring the continuity of the ICT services and ensuring the primary service level according to service agreements.
  • Management of frequency administration, IP addresses and telephone numbers of the Ministry of Defence’s area of resposibility.
  • ICT incidents and service requests handling in the Defence Forces.
  • Organization and coordination of the cryptographic management in the Defence Forces and the National Defence League.
  • Organization of domain names and certificate management, development of documentation and regulations in the Defence Forces.


Cyber Command ICT Centre subunits:

  • Planning Group
  • Service Group
  • Defence Forces main cryptographic register
  • Network Monitoring and Helpdesk Group
  • Frequency Management Section


Press and Media

Major Kristel Maasikmets

Public Affairs Officer of Cyber Command


Lieutenant Colonel Teet Laeks

Commander of Information and Communication Technology Centre

Master Sergeant Tevo Topaasia

First Sergeant of Information and Communication Technology Centre

Last updated: 15. September 2023, 11:35

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