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Cyber and INFOOPS Centre tasks

  • Preparation of reserve units through conscript training and conducting mobilization.
  • Protection of ICT systems and data processed by the Defence Forces against threats and attacks from cyberspace.
  • Planning and organization of cyber operations.
  • Planning and organiziation of information operations.


Cyber Command Cyber and INFOOPS Centre subunits:

  • Cyber and Informations Operations Command Centre
  • Planning Team
  • Computer Incident Response Capability (CIRC)
  • Cyber Operations Group
  • Cyber Range


Press and Media

Major Kristel Maasikmets

Public Affairs Officer of Cyber Command


Lieutenant Colonel Sander Soomre

Commander of Cyber and INFOOPS Centre

Sergeant Major Taavi Mandriks

Command Sergeant Major of the Cyber and INFOOPS Centre

Last updated: 13. September 2023, 10:10

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